What differentiates us

Credibility . Expertise . Reputation

Signals our ambition of building a great company that intends to positively change the investment demographics through excellence, innovation and humility.

The letter R has a strong heritage with the founding partners /shareholders of RMBH and RMIH and pays homage to this heritage and the family of companies they have created over decades (Rembrandt, Remgro, Reinett, Rand Merchant Bank, etc).

Reputation - we believe our affiliates are at the top of the echelon with regards to investment skill , products and services.

Immediate recognition and association with Royal Bafokeng Holdings within the SA landscape.

Values and vision

Integrity . Excellence . Humility

Our Mission:

Create . Foster . Nurture

To be a shareholder and investment partner of choice whose partnership develops, fosters and nurtures the investment business for our affiliates. As an investment holding company, we are committed to partnering with independent diversified teams for the long term and ensuring their long-term success.

Our purpose

Our primary focus is to create, foster and nurture investment skills within the SA industry. We would like to see ourselves as a force that promotes growth, progress within the asset management landscape. Our business has always been driven by a sense of purpose, a thread that connects us to our founding partners and their responsibility of providing income and capital growth for their investors.

Our Vision

To uphold, cultivate and nurture diverse investment teams into world class investment houses